Basic Formula: Quiche

Want a low-carb breakfast option you can prepare in advance and eat over a handful of days? Look no further than quiche. You can bake it on Sunday, reheat a slice on Monday, and have a great meal without much hassle. I started doing this for my husband, who likes savory breakfast food, and it has been a hit.   Basic Formula Eggs + Cheese + Filling (vegetables, meats, more cheese, etc.) + Oven =

Step-by-Step: Stuffed Squash

I made this meal to use up sunburst squash that I purchased at our farmers’ market. The filling was inspired by what I had on hand, so you can substitute different vegetables if you like. Tomatoes, corn, and mushrooms would all work well. You Will Need: Olive oil or other mildly-flavored oil 1/2 Onion Bell pepper [Optional: 1/2 serrano pepper (if you like heat)] Cooked rice Salt Paprika Squash with edible rind Strong cheese, such

How Not to Waste Money: Part II

In Part I of this series, I shared some thoughts about storing food to minimize spoilage. But what about the initial investment you made when you first set up your kitchen? Here are some thoughts about caring for your equipment: Ten Guidelines for Kitchen Equipment 1. Don’t put your knives through the dishwasher. The high-quality knives you use for chopping and paring must be hand-washed and dried as soon as possible after use. 2. Wash

Easier Than It Looks: Roast Chicken

There are a lot of recipes for roast chicken. This one is not the most sophisticated. If you want to stuff the cavity, tenderize with buttermilk, or marinate with citrus and herbs, this is not the recipe for you. But if roasting a chicken intimidates you, I am here to convince you that it is NOT HARD. Moreover, whole chickens are the cheapest way to purchase chicken, and you can eat off them for days,

Basic Formula: Pie Crust

Baking intimidates many people because they think they will mess up their dough if they measure an ingredient incorrectly. This fear is unnecessary. Take a deep breath, remind yourself of all the grandmothers in the world who have eyeballed their homemade cookies for years, and give it a shot. Pie crusts can come in very handy when you want to make a dish that will last more than one meal. Use this crust for sweet

Tips for Cooking Pasta

Pasta is my go-to dinner. I keep 2–3 varieties on hand at all times, plus a sampling of add-ins. Since it’s my favorite food, I’ve had lots of practice. Here is what I’ve learned: Ten Pasta Tips 1. Choose your pasta carefully. You’ve probably heard that pasta is shaped to compliment certain sauces. In general, I adhere to the following guidelines: If there are other ingredients that you would stab with a fork, use pasta

Taking Advantage of Your Farmers’ Market

Does your city have a farmers’ market? Chances are, it does, since increasing numbers of people are taking an interest in how and where their food was grown. Markets are great places to get inspired and buy quality produce for affordable prices. You may also be able to purchase meat, eggs, homemade pastries, jams, and fresh herbs. It all depends on who lives in your area and what products they cultivate. If you’ve never been

How to Not Waste Money: Part I

When I was in grad school, my cooking habits followed a vicious cycle: I would get inspired, rush to the store, and spend a lot of money on food that would eventually spoil in my fridge. (If you only need a sprig of rosemary, what do you do with the rest of that $2 pack?) I dreaded the arrival of family members, who had a habit of foraging for lunch and spontaneously exclaiming, “Ugh! Brit,

Developing Your Confidence

Growing up, I loved rules. If I followed them, everybody liked me: my parents, my teachers, my friends (who also liked rules). Then I got to college. In college, there are some rules you’re supposed to follow and others you’re supposed to learn to break. If you can’t break them, you won’t be original. That was a problem. How was I supposed to know the difference? I suspect that many people who are intimidated by

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