Easier Than It Looks: Marinated Meat

Tuesday night used to be steak night. Monday after work, I would go to the butcher and purchase a ribeye for one. That night I would mix up a marinade from a recipe I had found online, pour it in a Ziploc bag with the steak, and stick the sealed bag in the fridge. Tuesday was my busiest day, and I always spent it dreaming about dinner. It was heaven to come home to an

Emergency Meals: Olive Bar Pasta (With Salad On The Side)

Sometimes you have to make dinner, and you don’t have money/energy/time to run to the store. In such situations, this pasta is my go-to. It’s made from ingredients I keep on hand that don’t perish quickly. It works as a warm dish or a cold pasta salad. You can add chicken for extra protein, but it will still taste great without it. Shopping List Pasta (any type) Pesto (if possible, make your own) Feta cheese

Organizing Your Kitchen

It took three days to set up our kitchen. Fortunately, my husband was attending a conference and not around to witness the utter destruction of our apartment. Tip for newlyweds: your stuff + someone else’s stuff + stuff people gave you + small kitchen = yard sale. However, we had already had the sale two weeks prior, and still I found myself confronting a mountain of spatulas, four Pyrex measuring cups, table service for twelve,

Basic Formula: Pesto

I admit it: you need a food processor for this one, or at least a small blender.* But there are few things that will pack more bang for your buck than homemade pesto, so give it a shot if at all possible. You will spend less than five minutes (with the exception of toasting the nuts, which might take longer), and you will end up with a healthy, flavorful garnish that can transform pasta, chicken,

Stolen Salads: Arugula-Squash

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to travel to Montreal, QC–a city I loved almost at once. I took myself out to dinner and walked forty minutes from my hotel to find a fantastic pub that served farm-to-table food. Sadly, I have forgotten the name of this establishment and no amount of searching has yielded the answer. I adapted this salad for Easter and was gratified when my guests insisted it was the one

Easier Than It Looks: Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables have lots of flavor and usually come cheap. You can buy squash, potatoes, and carrots for only a few dollars and then dress them up to make a fantastic side dish. Add chicken, sausage, grains, or greens and you have a meal. You do need time to sit around the house while the oven is on, so save this recipe for a night when you will be working from home but won’t have

Stolen Salads: Strawberry-Pecan

I adapted this salad from one I ordered at Napolese in Indianapolis in April 2016. Take the time to make the pecan clusters, which are the key component. (As one of my guests said the first time I served it, “I could eat these like trail mix.”) You Will Need: Fresh rosemary (one sprig) Pecans (1–2 handfuls–halves or pieces will work equally well) Sesame seeds (I use both white and black, about 1/2 tablespoon of

The Secret to Using a Recipe

Pay attention: I’m about to tell you a secret. This is the information that makes cooking fluid instead of frustrating. It’s the key element that isn’t spelled out in cookbooks, because authors are afraid to insult your intelligence. It’s the step that allows you to set dinner on the table as advertised, instead of chopping frantically in your kitchen while your guests mill about the house. This secret is all about time management. It will

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