Basic Formula: Soup

Two summers ago, I had the brilliant idea to drive, accompanied by seven college students, from Indiana to Los Angeles. This venture turned into a seventeen-day road trip incorporating thirteen states and, to my fiancé’s intense dismay, a dozen different homemade soups. Realizing that soups could be frozen, stored in an ice chest, and reheated in a microwave, I had determined that they would be the perfect road trip solution for penny-pinching undergraduates and one

Thanksgiving Survival Guide: Part II

Happy Thanksgiving! May your morning be filled with parades, holiday 5Ks, and crisp fall weather. May your festivities be filled with movies you love, stories that make you laugh, and youngsters who fall asleep when they’re supposed to. And may your table be filled with the most scrumptious meal you’ve ever laid eyes on, all of it cooked lovingly by hand in your very own kitchen and applauded by everyone from your cat to your

Thanksgiving Survival Guide: Part I

If you do enough cooking, sooner or later you’ll decide to tackle Thanksgiving dinner. (If this isn’t your year, bookmark this post and come back when you’re ready. One of these days, you’ll feel primed for a challenge.) This is the one meal of the year that resembles a cross between a marathon and a musical: it involves advance planning and pacing, but also crazy choreography and an overdose of drama. The turkey isn’t cooking

Easier Than It Looks: Bare Bones Broth

Making broth intimidated me until I watched my husband do it one Thanksgiving with our leftovers. The process was dead simple: throw leftover bones into crock pot with water and apple cider vinegar; cook on low for a long time; and voilà: homemade broth.* Goodbye, store-bought stock that goes bad in my fridge and costs $3 per box. I’ve spelled out the process a little more extensively below, but with all the feasting we do

Step-by-Step: Cabbage Pasta

When in 2009 I moved from Arizona to Alabama, I did so on about three days’ notice. My friends packed my apartment while I attended to the things they couldn’t help with, and into the box for my kitchen, they put one pot, one pan, and a few plates and utensils – enough to tide me over until the rest of my possessions arrived by van in about six weeks’ time. During those first six

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